Form for publication of contactimprovisation related events on :

CategoryEvent kategory
TitleEvent Title of event
StudioStudioname und addresse
Region/cityRegion in Switzerland od country
Date fromDate begin/end or expiration date of entry (format DD.MM.YY)
Date todito
Day of weekDay of week for one day events or empty
DescriptionDetailed description
Participant levelparticipant level
Organizersname of teacher or organizer
Flyer Flyer or image file for upload, please use only a-Z and numbers 0-9 for filename (PDF, DOC or JPG, max. 400kB) or empty
ContaktContact information : name, telephone, address
E-MailE-Mail address (with spam protection)or "-"
PasswordPassword for deletion of this entry
Priceinformation about prices or empty

Attention : This takes a couple of secounds without flyer file and up to a minute if you upload a flyer file (depending on the size of the file and your internet connection speed).

If you have questions or if the publication of your event did not work as suspected, please contact us by email at Merci beaucoup pour la publication de tes événements sur !

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